The Rear View Mirror – A Metaphorical Look at 2015

When driving a car, we constantly check the mirrors to see what’s around us and what’s behind us. The rear view mirror gives us information to judge, among other things, if there is a potential threat behind us, whether we are in the clear, or at some point in between. At the end of 2015, I feel that we are at that point in between.

Unlike the end of 2014, where we were facing another year under the Harper Conservatives, resplendent in their top down command and control government, 2015 sees a new hope, a potential new beginning (spoiler alert, I am a Trudeau supporter). One of the biggest changes I see with our new government is that we have a government that is trying to do the right thing, trying to work from the perspective of inclusiveness, trying to make Canada welcoming and a world-leading example of how people can live together and build a greater society. The key is they are trying. We have been subjected to many years of a government that has focused on the politics of fear and division. Politics that screamed “don’t trust them, they look different”; passed legislation to allow citizenship to be stripped, spying to occur, restrict science, and ban communication; refuse to recognize the tragedy that is ongoing with missing and murdered aboriginal women; promote oil and a resource based economy rather than investing in a real future for Canada; refuse to participate in climate talks globally; and the list goes on. Will the Liberal government result in Nirvana in Canada? Of course not, they will fumble and make mistakes as everyone does, but they are at least trying to make a positive difference.

So in the rear view mirror, I see a blue train fading into the distance, not gone but no longer an immediate threat, I see a red bus almost alongside and I when I look forward, I see the dawn breaking over a new Canada, a Canada that’s looking to its multicultural roots and one that embraces the challenges of the 21st century by trying to get people to work together. Will the government succeed? only if we support change. We cannot rely solely on government to resolve the issues of climate change, a weak economy, our role in fighting global injustice, and all the other issues surrounding Canada. Canadians, all Canadians, young and old, new and not so new, need to come together to find the way forward to make Canada a true light for the world.


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