Celebrating Canada

Well it’s official, our country is 150 years old.  When you look at this in global terms, we’re still the new kid on the block but we do punch above our weight!  Canada has a lot to offer to world, and we are re-gaining our place on the world stage.  But what about our past, can we look back and embrace all the truths that have brought us to this point?  We have made wonderful innovations in science, technology, and medicine to mention but a few, but we have also a history of racism and systematic exclusion of Native Canadians.  We are slowly coming to accept who we really are, acknowledging the scars and the accomplishments, and looking for ways to reach a true reconciliation among all Canadians, and for this I am extremely grateful. When we can hold up a mirror to ourselves and say with pride, that all people are treated well in Canada, all people are welcome, and all us together share a responsibility to make and keep this country as a beacon for others in the world to aspire to. When we can achieve this, we will be a nation reconciled with it’s entire history, a nation where we can move forward and lead the world to be a better place.

I am CANADIAN, and I am proud of who we are, warts and all, because I BELIEVE that we can be better, and I BELIEVE that all Canadians, working together can accomplish more than we’ve ever dreamed possible.




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