Happy Canada Day 2015

It’s been a week of touring our hometown with family from out east.  From sky to sea, from Grouse Mountain overlooking Vancouver to Gibson’s (think “Beachcombers”)  by sailboat.  It reminded me of all the wonderful things that make up Canada; the beauty, the diversity, and the absolutely wonderful people.  That we can experience this all across Canada, in different ways, makes this country special.

As a country we have much to reflect on this year as we move into an uncertain future.  We have an opportunity to take the lead on climate change and climate science.  We can continue to work to build a fair and diverse society that balances the rights and freedoms of every Canadian to live well.  We also have to face the challenges of how we support the rights of freedoms of other peoples in other countries.  Do we build bridges, or blow them up, do we move towards being the aggressor or rebuild our role as peacemaker and peacekeeper?

These are the choices we must wrestle with in the coming year and by Canada 2016 we can once again look back and see the results of the work we do together.

Canada – True North Strong and FREE


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