Business Confidence?

Is it just me or is there a growing sense of confidence in the future from the New Zealand business community?  As I talk to more and more people as the year drifts by, it seems the buzz is about the promise of 2010.   One indicator that I’m happy to see, is interest in training beginning again.  I have just finished a telecommunications overview course for delivery in a few weeks and have two more projects under way for project management training.  One seminar focused on managing stakeholders and an overview of agile project management methods.  The reason behind the development, optimism in the business community and a realization by organizations that they need to lift their game with respect to delivering projects.  I also strongly subscribe to the ………

If you build it, they will come

philosophy of course development (albeit coupled with shameless marketing via the blog of course).

Whatever you are into this year, smile, focus the big picture, trust your colleagues, and of course, try not to take yourself too seriously

Take a Chance


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