A McApples Christmas Poem

Twas the night before Christmas and all over the land

People were wandering without much of a plan

They’d made it to Christmas, that much was true

But what would come later, they hadn’t a clue

They thought and they thought, but no answers came

So they sat and pondered how to get on with the game

They called the prime minister but John had no news,

So they called Winston Peters but he was out on the ………

So they called to McApples and what did they hear

But an answer so easy they put away their fear

Create a new project and come up with a plan

That was the answer sung across the land

So New Zealand slept soundly with only good dreams

Of bach’s and barbecues, and holiday scenes

For McApples had helped them once again in their need

With practical ideas for every Kiwi

Happy Holidays from McApples

Empowering you to deliver in 2010


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