What is it about time that keeps us looking at our watches and racing to get places.  We schedule our day to the last minute, we pack in as much as we can, we stress ourselves about being on time.

I started thinking about time and how we are driven by it a few weeks ago.  I decided to go back to getting a good workout on a regular basis.  I joined the Millenium Institute on the North Shore and their induction program has me meeting with professional trainers regularly to set up a program, monitor how I’m doing, talk about and discuss nutrition, all fantastic stuff.   Early on in the process, I was asked how I was doing with the program.  Puffing and panting, I replied that it was challenging and I was enjoying it but is was a bit long as it take me two hours in total by the time I get there, get changed, workout, shower and get out.  As I thought about it later, I was disturbed by my response.  Too long, for health?  The next time I went, I was again asked how it was going, and my response was a a bit different.  Again, puffing and panting, I said great and that I had decided to make it the priority in my day and work around the time it takes me to work out.  So work/life balance sorted out, but still obsessed with time

This time obsession bothers me.  I hate being late, I fret about it.  I was on my way to Hamilton on Wednesday to meet with a potential new partner for the My Safe Ride Home program.  I thought I had lots of time but traffic was heavy in Auckland, and it was taking much longer than I thought to get to Hamilton.  At 20 minutes before the meeting I was still 80 km’s away so I called and said I would be late and asked if that was OK and could we delay the meeting.  The response was, “no problem, we’ll see you when you get here”.  They seemed to be a little surprised that I had even called to tell them I was going to be late.  Thinking about this later on, it occurred to me that it may be a kiwi attitude towards time that I am not getting (I’m a naturalized kiwi of Canadian origin), if you’re going to be late, it’s OK, and you really needn’t call and tell us.  British friends had commented on this a few weeks before when we called them to tell them we were running late for dinner at their house.  They were grateful for the call but did comment that they were surprised we called as normally in NZ, people don’t bother, they just show up late!

I wonder if I will ever be that relaxed about time………?


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